Great Haircutting, Great Hair Color and Great Hairstyling

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Six of the staff from Rio Salon and Spa were able to attend the Professional Beauty Associations International Salon and Spa Exposition at the Long Beach Convention Center and saw a lot of all three of those things.

Gina was chosen as a main stage model by Electric Hairdressing London founder, Mark Woolley, and he gave her an amazingly cute haircut, those of you who have been in recently have seen it. For those who haven’t,  we have put some pictures in our gallery of Gina getting cut onstage, and the finished look. We liked both Mark and Electric so much, we brought in the product line and are excited to share it with our clients. Electric Haircare has great packaging, a unique and fabulous scent and works great. You can also check that out in our gallery of pictures, we have a picture of our friend and Electric Hairdressing London associate John Rafferty when he came up from L.A to bring our product, and you can see the packaging there too! Only 12 products for men and woman! Come to Rio Salon and Spa and check them out for yourself!

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